martes, 25 de junio de 2013

Webinar: "NLP for the Upwardly-Mobile Translator" (Cesar Vargas)

AIPTIIn this fun and mind-opening webinar on neuro-linguistic programming, Cesar Vargas will present some of the things that have been getting in the way of your desires, and will pinpoint a way to focus on what you want with such an intensity that you can almost touch it. Some of the takeaways from the webinar will include:
• Three ways to connect with people at a subconscious/natural level
• How to ask for what you deserve, without feeling greedy
• How to raise your earnings by raising your self-esteem
• The Money-Mindset and how to use it for Upward Mobility

Date: July 12, 2013 - Time: 4:00 p.m. UTC
Language: English (ONLINE)
IAPTI members: USD 15
Red Vértice members: USD 22.50
Non-members: USD 25
Paypal accepted.
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